Support for vulnerable residents

The TMO are in contact with residents who are vulnerable and most likely to need support.

Vulnerability can be due to a range of personal attributes, including health conditions, disability and age. Should you consider yourself to be vulnerable and in need of help or perhaps a neighbour, you are encouraged to contact the TMO housing office on 0203 643 6941.

Alternatively, you may also wish to self-refer, or refer a neighbour by emailing where you will be sent a form for completion. If you wish to put yourself forward to become a volunteer you can visit

For more advice, please contact Southwark Council on 0207 525 5000 or

Finally, the most important action we must all take in avoiding the spread of the disease is to stay home to protect lives and to protect the NHS. Please only leave your homes for the following:

  • Shop for food and necessities
  • To fulfil a medical need
  • To exercise once a day
  • To travel to and from work (only when absolutely necessary).
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