What is Antisocial Behaviour?

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable on our estate and we work hard to tackle any antisocial behaviour in our community. We ask that everyone who lives or visits our neighbourhood acts in a responsible and respectful manner.

All tenants and leaseholders on the Gloucester Grove estate are responsible for ensuring that people living or visiting their property do not cause a nuisance to others. This means, making sure that everyone (including children and pets) do not interfere with the quality of life of your neighbours and others in the community.

Antisocial behaviour includes:

  • Being abusive, insulting or threatening;
  • Vandalising property;
  • Being drunk and offensive;
  • Bullying or harassing someone;
  • Arguing and shouting persistently;
  • Causing a lot of noise (e.g. slamming doors or playing loud music);
  • Carrying out noisy DIY at unsociable hours;
  • Barking dogs and failing to clean up after your dog;
  • Dumping rubbish;
  • Speeding and dangerous driving around the estate;
  • Using a Gloucester Grove TMO home for criminal activity.
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