About Our Organisation

Gloucester Grove TMO is a resident controlled organisation that  provides a range of housing management and maintenance services to the residents on the Gloucester Grove  estate. In return for managing and maintaining estate properties and communal areas, the Council pay the TMO an annual allowance.

Our TMO has been set up as a Community Interest Company as a not for profit making organisation. This means any profits (surpluses) made will be used for improving the estate. The organisation is registered with Companies House (registration number 8484494). 

All tenants and leaseholders are entitled to become members and to participate in the decision-making processes of the TMO. However the TMO will deliver its services to all of the residents on the estate whether they are members or not. Each member holds a £1 liability for the company.

We are tenant led and so the more residents that join the TMO the better. We are keen for Gloucester Grove Estate TMO to be an example on how tenant participation and involvement can translate into improved services for all residents

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