TMO Board and Structure

Gloucester Grove Estate TMO Board is made up of 6 to 15 elected residents who all work on a voluntary basis to represent the views of the local community.Once elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Directors hold office for a term as near as possible to three years. The TMO Board will have four specialist sub-committees to help and support it deliver its responsibilities.

These are:

  • Finance Sub Committee – responsible for audit, income and expenditure, arrears control, payroll, VAT, cheques and payment authorisation and financial reporting.
  • Employment and Staffing Sub Committee – responsible for staffing and human resources issues.
  • Community Sub Committee – responsible for running social events and activities on the estate.
  • Resident Involvement Sub Committee – responsible for developing a strategy to involve and consult with residents across the estate.
Meet Our Directors
Chair Bassey Bassey
Vice Chair Ade Folaki
Secretary Tom
Treasurer Lorna Rochester
Member Michael Biosah
Member Yvette Mckenzie
Member Charles Akintaro
Member Lennox Price
Member Beverley Graham
Member  Stella Bassey